At N.W. White & Co., we will work diligently to provide on-target transportation solutions to our customers.  Our objective is to deliver the highest level of customer service possible and to make sure the most important project - yours - is completed to satisfaction.  

Several capabilities enable N.W. White & Co to fulfill our customer's expectations.  Our fifty-plus years of experience in the transportation business have afforded us the opportunity to develop the relationships, expertise, and operational capabilities necessary to provide transportation and material sourcing solutions on large-scale construction projects.  We strive to be at the "right place, right time, with the right equipment".   

  • Relationships with paving and grading experts throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia
  • Breadth and depth of operational transportation capabilities enable us to meet most any transportation need
    • Over 230 operational power units
      • Triaxle Dump Trucks
      • Tractors
      • Dump Trailers
      • Demolition Trailers
      • Heavy Duty Trailers capable of hauling stones up to 2000 lbs.
      • Bottom Dump Trailers
      • Flatbed Trailers
      • Walking Floor Trailers